Best Hurricane Damage Lawyers in Cape Coral

Within the state of Florida, the city of Cape Coral is one of the most chosen places to live. However, that does not imply that the area is exempt from hurricanes. These types of storms are the cause of great destruction and various damages to properties. They not only pose a risk to the people who live there, but also involve a large amount of money to repair the damage. For this reason, there are insurances that protect the owners against these eventualities. But, despite this, in many cases it is not enough to take out insurance, since companies do not always respond in the best way. Given the difficulty that an insurance claim can represent, a hurricane damage lawyer in Cape Coral can be the best ally for the victims. He will be in charge of representing your interests and getting the best deal possible.

Why do I need a Cape Coral Hurricane Damage Lawyer

It may seem like making an insurance claim for hurricane damage is an easy task; however, nothing is further from reality. Insurance is supposed to respond easily and immediately to such a catastrophe, but instead it often takes advantage of the situation. Insurance companies are nothing more than for-profit companies, and therefore seek to maximize their profit. For this, many times they will try to reduce the amounts of compensation or even deny them completely, so as not to incur expenses. As claims are one of the most important costs for companies, there are many incentives for their employees to find a way to exempt the company from paying. In an emergency situation, many victims accept any treatment that is put on the table, to try to return to a normal life as soon as possible.

There are several issues to consider when making an insurance claim. Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant and decisive is the assessment of damages. It is very common for the insurance company itself to carry out its valuation, according to the criteria it considers. However, we should never trust this process. For an inexperienced person, it can be difficult to estimate the damage a hurricane has caused to his property. In addition to this, the company’s analyst may deliberately try to avoid certain points to reduce compensation. That’s why it’s important to have a Cape Coral hurricane damage attorney, so the insurer doesn’t get away with it. With the advice of professionals such as Mario Serralta, you can rest assured that you will receive fair treatment. Years of experience and satisfied customers are the guarantee of a job well done.

What usually happens is that there is an asymmetry in the information and training of the parties. While the company has experienced and knowledgeable employees, the customer is often an inexperienced person. This is likely your first time experiencing hurricane damage and you should file an insurance claim. Through the technicalities of the profession, the insurer’s employees will try to argue that certain damages are not enforceable or that there is no validity in the claim. Therefore, it is essential to match the conditions and hire a lawyer who has the same knowledge and positions himself on the client’s side to defend her interests.

What are the damages covered by the insurance?

Among the various damages that hurricanes can cause, the most common are those caused by the action of the wind. The greater the severity of the hurricane, the stronger the winds that hit it. In most cases, roofs can be damaged, shingles coming off or blown up. Other objects, such as garden furniture, can also be picked up by the wind and fly, causing various hazards. Home doors and windows can break in a blast, requiring costly repairs, among other inconveniences. Beyond wind, rain also adds some additional damage to the equation. Both floors and walls, furniture and carpets can be damaged by the action of water that enters from the ceiling. In the long term, even humidity can bring additional problems such as mold.

Likewise, the risks of flooding, electrical damage and even lightning strikes must also be taken into account. Any of these issues can cause fires that further aggravate the situation. In short, the list of possible damage caused by a hurricane seems endless. However, be aware that not all of these damages are covered by insurance. That’s why having a Cape Coral hurricane damage attorney can help you identify what damage is covered and what isn’t. This is not an easy task, since it requires a thorough analysis of the insurance policy. Although the document offers a detail of the coverage, it is not always easy to interpret. The huge number of clauses and the technical language make it difficult for inexperienced people to understand. There may even be discrepancies regarding the interpretation of the text, which causes discussions between the parties. The lawyer’s work there is essential to defend the client’s position against the company.

The best hurricane damage attorney in Cape Coral

As you can see, the task of making an insurance claim is not an easy task. In addition to performing a full damage assessment, it is also necessary to determine the extent of the insurance company’s coverage. And, as if that were not enough, you also have to face the insurer in the dispute over the amounts of compensation. Against the position of the company, which will try to minimize expenses, evidence and detailed documentation of all damages must be presented. Doing this correctly is essential, as an error can mean the payment is denied or the entire process is delayed. Everything translates into waste of money and time.

Considering the context of a hurricane, companies receive a large number of claims simultaneously. That’s why having a Cape Coral hurricane damage attorney can make all the difference. Mario Serralta not only has the experience, but also has the endorsement of thousands of clients who have had successful results. Do not hesitate to contact us to be represented by the best hands.