Claims of roof leaks

Roof leaks are very common in homes throughout Florida. However, it is not so well known that the consequences can be much more serious than imagined. In the best case, only one room of the house will be affected, but it is also possible that the problem expands to the entire property. Faced with these types of problems, insurance companies can put some obstacles before claims, so as not to cover expensive repairs. For this reason, a roof leak attorney is essential to ensure the best result in the claim.

Leaks in the roof can cause the weakening of the structure, so they must be addressed very quickly. The integrity of the home is at stake in these cases. This problem can even pose a risk to your health, since the leaks create the conditions for fungus and mold to develop. Spread through the ventilation ducts, mold is inhaled and causes respiratory problems that can become serious.

On the other hand, a roof leak can also be the cause of a fire. Water, if it comes into contact with wiring or an electrical appliance, can cause a short that starts a fire. Therefore, it is important to take action and repair the leaks as soon as possible. This can be expensive and in some cases even requires you to temporarily move out of the property. A Miami roof leak lawyer will make it easy for you to file an insurance claim, so you don’t have to cover these and other costs out of pocket.

Miami Roof Leaks Lawyer: How to spot them?

One ​​of the first signs that identify a leak is the appearance of damp spots on the ceiling or walls of the house. They usually appear brown in color and are often difficult to identify if they are in a dark place. If you notice any such stains, contact a roof leak attorney to start an investigation. Even a small stain can mean a bigger leak.

In other cases, you can directly see a drip coming from the ceiling. This can be constant or occasional, appearing and disappearing over the course of hours or days. This will depend on the amount of rain that is falling at that time. An intermittent leak can be just as serious as a constant one, so don’t underestimate these types of issues.

Signs of leaks can also appear on the outside of the house. If you see water stains on top of the walls, moss or mold, then you probably have a leak. Also the lack of tiles can mean a beginning of filtration. Although at the moment it is only affecting the attic, in the event of heavy rain the problem can spread rapidly. Don’t delay in calling a roof leak attorney to take the necessary action as soon as possible.

Find out if your insurance covers these damages

Insurance companies often go to great lengths to avoid covering the costs of roof leaks. They are likely to claim that the roof is not properly maintained, such as missing shingles that were not properly replaced. Or, that it is simply too old and that is the reason for the leak.

Roof material is one of the main factors companies use to deny compensation. If your roof is wood or metal, it’s a good idea to have a roof leak attorney review your policy to make sure you’re covered. These materials usually represent a greater risk against water and in many cases are not covered by the policies.

Damage caused by weather (rain or hail), lightning, vandalism or electrical explosion are usually covered by insurance. Also home or forest fires that may cause damage to the roof of the property. However, some of these risks are not present in all insurance, so reviewing the policy and being aware of the risks is essential. To make sure you understand all the terms, consult a roof leak attorney like Mario Serralta who can advise you on these matters.

Hire a Miami Roof Leak Lawyer

In cases of roof leaks, it is highly likely that the insurance company is pursuing its own interest. They will resort to technicalities or complex clauses of the policy to reduce the amount of coverage or even deny your collection completely. In order to minimize the cost to the company, insurance employees will use their skills gained through years of experience. To put yourself on a level playing field, you should have a roof leak attorney who defends your interests in the same manner and with the same knowledge as the other party.

At the first signs of leaks, it’s best to act quickly and smartly. Going to a roof leak lawyer with the experience of Mario Serralta before calling the insurer is a wise decision. We will make available all the knowledge and experience in similar cases, guaranteeing that we will only defend your interests.

Investigating the causes of leaks is a critical step, and cannot be left to the insurance company alone. Miami roof leak lawyer will be part of this process, bringing all his experience in similar cases. In addition, you will be able to read the policy in detail, in order to determine what damages are covered and obtain a fairer compensation. Lawyers do not get paid until you receive your compensation. In this way, you will ensure that you have the best representation in the claim, since the professional will only defend your interests.


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