Miami Iron Pipes: Claims

It is becoming more and more common in Florida to encounter insurance claims due to problems with cast iron pipes. These were used in sewage systems throughout the area for several decades. It is estimated that they have a useful life of approximately 50 years, but in many cases they begin to fail before reaching that period. In some cases, these pipes begin to show failures as young as 20 years old. If you experience any such problems, it is recommended that you call a Miami iron pipe lawyer.

If your home in Florida was built before 1975, chances are good that it has cast iron pipes. At that time, this type of element was very common in constructions. However, today we know that these components often represent problems. Therefore, if your property has not been modified to replace these pipes, you may be experiencing some complications. A cast iron pipe lawyer can advise you to file the corresponding claim with the insurance company.

Unfortunately, many insurers refuse to cover the costs generated by these elements, or offer a smaller compensation that does not reach the total costs. Having a cast iron pipe lawyer with experience in these types of claims is the safest way to obtain fair compensation according to your needs.

Iron Pipe Lawyer in Miami: How to detect this type of damage?

Identifying problems with pipes in time is very useful to minimize risk and damage. An important point is to be aware of sewer overflows, which can be extremely damaging to the property. It is also possible to notice problems if there is an unpleasant odor coming from the water sources. Visual signs may include stains on walls, floors, or ceilings, and warping of hardwood floors, tile damage, or carpet stains. At any of these signs, contact a cast iron pipe lawyer to act as soon as possible.

Cast iron pipes have a limited life as they break down over time. However, some factors can contribute to wear that is faster than expected. Florida’s humid climate is one of them, but not the only one. Environmental toxins, acidic wastewater, poor installation of the same or construction in the vicinity also deteriorate the pipes. It is important to note that erosion in cast iron pipes can contaminate the water supply. This represents a risk to the health of the inhabitants of the house, so a quick solution is necessary. The first thing you should do in the event you identify such a problem is to contact a cast iron pipe attorney. Mario Serralta has extensive experience in this type of case, and can advise you to obtain the best solution.

Does your insurance cover this type of damage?

In the eventual failure of cast iron pipes, it is common to encounter problems ranging from water leaks, appearance of sewage, pest infestation or other problems. This represents damage to property and a risk to the health of the inhabitants. Repairing these damages can be very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, the most frequent option is to wait for the insurance company to take care of the arrangements and, for that, nothing better than a cast iron pipe lawyer to take care of the claim.

Cast iron pipe claims are often not that simple. Although the insurance company claims that it is on the side of the consumer, this is not always true at the time of making the claim. A significant portion of companies is solely dedicated to finding ways to deny claims in order to sustain company profit levels. The interest of the company conflicts, in many cases, with that of the user, that is, you.

Even if the policy says you have to pay, the insurer will try to minimize the cost of the repair or even deny the claim altogether. Through technicalities or hidden clauses in the policy, it is likely that delays or complications will be generated when collecting. Therefore, a tub lawyerCast iron faucets turns out to be the best solution.

Let a Miami iron pipe lawyer walk you through

Insurance companies are experts at what they do, as are their employees. They are in constant contact with the policies and their technical language. Instead, chances are you’re not, so you’ll need an advocate to put you on an equal footing with the insurer.

A Miami iron pipe lawyer is used to dealing with these kinds of difficulties.  Mario Serralta he knows first-hand the problems that cast iron pipes can cause, since he has worked on many cases Similar. And he also knows the frustration that arises when the company does not want to bear the costs, minimizes the amounts or delays the resolutions. Often these denials stem from exclusion clauses that exempt the company from paying for the repairs. Policy wording can be extremely complex to interpret, and this creates a conflict of interest.

This is why a cast iron pipe lawyer is essential in these cases. You should contact your Miami iron pipe Lawyer before you contact the insurance company, as this will help you better prepare for the claim. Doing relevant and independent research can be a first step. A detailed reading of the policy by a professional is essential to find the most favorable options. In addition, the lawyer only gets paid when you receive the award, so you will be sure to represent yourself in the best way and get the best deal possible.


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