Insurance companies are companies that, like any other, seek to maximize their profit. Therefore, it is normal for them to seek to lower their costs to improve their margins. This is understandable, and that is why they dedicate a good part of their resources to looking for possible scam attempts or claims that do not correspond to the type of policy that is counted. But not all insurers behave correctly. In some cases, claims are denied even when they should be accepted, for the sole sake of reducing costs. To avoid a denied insurance claim in Miami, here are some tips.

What to do if my insurance won’t pay

Many people buy insurance to feel more confident about the future. The peace of mind of knowing that one is covered in the face of an eventuality allows one to clear one’s mind of worries. However, this does not always work out well. There are cases in which the insurance claim does not come to fruition, or at least it does not do so quickly and efficiently. This can happen for various reasons, and it is important to be vigilant and respond quickly to the matter.

There are cases where the denied insurance claim in Miami occurs, but it is not the fault of the company. It is possible that the coverage you have is not adequate for the incident that is being claimed. In these cases, unfortunately there is not much to complain about. It is important to read the insurance policy carefully to be aware of all the details of the coverage and not have problems of this type later, when you most need an answer from the company.

On the other hand, there are those cases in which the refusal by the insurer has no justification, and is just a maneuver to try to get rid of a responsibility. In these cases, there are tools to raise the claim and it can even reach the point of filing a lawsuit against the company. Of course, for this it is necessary to have a professional and experienced lawyer, who will deal with your case of denied insurance claim in Miami in the best way, advising and representing your interests.

Finally, it also often happens that the claim is not denied, but the amount offered as compensation is much lower and does not cover all expenses. In these cases, the help of a specialist lawyer can also be vital, since he has the knowledge to put pressure on the insurer. Assessing property damage is not easy, and cannot be left to the insurance adjuster alone. The client has the right to carry out his own inspection to find out in depth what the damage to her property is and claim what corresponds to him.

Insurance Claim Denied in Miami: A Common Thing?

Sadly, a denied insurance claim in Miami is more common than you think. It does not matter if the reason is justified or not, this process usually takes more time and effort than it really should. In most cases, a refusal by the company implies further action by the customer. To do this, it is best to be well advised by an expert lawyer in the field.

As a relevant statistical fact, in the state of Florida, 79% of the total claims were filed against insurers throughout the country during 2020. It could be thought that this is due to the particular climatological and territorial conditions that the state of Florida has, which make it very prone to incidents. But if we consider that claims filed in the state represent 8% of the national total, we can see that something else is happening.

Both data result in a large part of the cases ending in a denied insurance claim in Miami, since the weight of the lawsuits is enormous with respect to the number of claims. This not only shows that many of these claims are denied by the companies, but also unfairly. The fact that so many claims end up in lawsuits shows the poor performance of insurance companies when it comes to taking over the responsibilities of coverage.

What types of property insurance are there

One ​​of the most important points to avoid getting a denied insurance claim in Miami that you can’t collect is to make sure that the policy actually covers that damage. There are many different insurances, with particular clauses, that cover the damage of theproperty in different eventualities. Some of the most common are the following:

  • For owner-occupied housing there are several different options. The HO-1 policy offers coverage against the most common risks, while the HO-2 adds other amounts and coverages. Then there is the HO-3 which offers coverage for all perils except those specifically excluded in the policy.
  • Condo unit owners have their own type of policy, the HO-6. This has some structural protections, but mainly on personal property and civil liability. They usually have a standard coverage, but it is possible to add other additional services. An Evaluation of Loss coverage is also included, which covers the part of the expenses due to the damage of a common property shared by all the owners of the units.
  • Renters, for their part, have a special type of policy, the HO-4, which covers only personal property and liability housing civil.
  • The use of a type of policy called Modified Coverage HO-8 has also been extended. This has less coverage than an HO-2 but, depending on the insurer’s criteria, it may be the only coverage they offer for a type of home.

As you can see, the type of policy can vary considerably. Within each type, the damage coverage that can be included ranges from small expenses to large destructions. The most common damages are due to fire, flood, storm or hurricane, water leaks, mold, theft and vandalism, among others. Review your coverage so you don’t fall for a denied insurance claim in Miami that you can’t collect, or contact me, a trusted and professional insurance attorney.

How to make an effective insurance claim

Filing an insurance claim should be relatively easy, but in many cases it is not. It requires certain knowledge that the general public does not usually have, since it is about specific knowledge. Even understanding an insurance policy in detail can be a difficult task, since it has a large number of technicalities and complex clauses. It is likely that it will take you longer to understand the coverage of the policy than it would if you had professional help.

Then, in order not to fall into a denied insurance claim in Miami, it is necessary to present the documents in a timely manner. You can’t take too long to gather the information, because this can lead to the deadline being met and the payment being denied. In addition, if there are errors in the presentation, delays in the collection or even the complete denial of the same can also be caused.

Additionally, the process of calculating damage values ​​can be arduous. You may have to contact one or more contractors or appraisers to get this information, if you don’t want to leave it up to the insurer. All this can cost time and effort, which are not abundant at times like the one experienced during these incidents.

Having an attorney for a denied insurance claim in Miami

Surely, in the event of damage to your property, you will be tempted to contact your insurance company. However, to avoid getting an insurance claim denied in Miami, you should consider contacting an insurance attorney before even calling the company. In this way, you will ensure that you are well advised throughout the process. The lawyer can not only be useful in the face of a refusal from the company, but can collaborate from the beginning of the process to avoid inconveniences.

If you decide to work with me, you will be guaranteed the best advice when filing your insurance claim. This way, you will avoid delays and documentation errors, which can lead to a denied insurance claim in Miami. You will have the best care when making your own assessment of the damage, so as not to depend on the calculation made by the insurance company. Thus, you will be able to obtain compensation according to the damages, which will allow you to fully cover the repair costs and not just a part. And you will also have an effective lawyer, inshould it become necessary to file a breach of contract lawsuit with the insurer.


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