How to prevent fire damage

Fires are one of the most destructive problems a property can experience. They represent an extremely high danger to health, since in the event of an emergency people’s lives are at risk. In addition, it represents a source of enormous damage to the structure of the property. The best thing to do to fight the flames is to be prepared in advance. And having a Miami fire damage lawyer is part of that preparation, to make things easier if necessary.

Among the measures that can be taken to prevent fires, the most important thing is to have fire extinguishers in the house and smoke detectors. In addition, it is highly recommended to test these elements periodically, to ensure their correct operation. Mainly, the kitchen is usually the place of origin of many fires. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this part of the house more than any other. Cleaning the oven and being present during the cooking of your meals are some of the tips that any fire damage attorney can give you.

Controlling and maintaining heating devices inside the house is also of the utmost importance. Clean air filters and keep all flammable objects away from heat sources. The clothes dryer filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent overheating. Lastly, regularly check the wiring of appliances to ensure they are not worn out.

Miami Fire Damage Lawyer: What are the most common?

In the unfortunate event that your house suffers a fire, the most important thing is to protect the life and health of people, without a doubt. Therefore, evacuating the house is the most important thing, in case the fire cannot be controlled. Having said this, it is important to quantify the material damage that the fire can cause to the property. In many cases, this is not an easy task. For this reason, a fire damage attorney with experience in this area can be very useful.

Flame can damage virtually anything inside a home. But, in addition, smoke and soot are also harmful to a large number of elements. Even the water used to put out the flames can damage many things inside. Firefighters may also be forced to break down doors and windows, or punch holes in ceilings and walls to control the flames. Quantifying these damages can be cumbersome, even for a fire damage attorney who has done it countless times, like Mario Serralta.

Much of the damage caused during the fire is not visible to the naked eye. It may even be that these damages develop over the days. For example, the decrease in air quality due to material problems or the appearance of mold. Therefore, it is best to have a team of professionals in charge of the inspection after the incident.

What to do if your insurance doesn’t want to pay

In most cases, insurance policies cover damage caused by fire. The problem is that, despite this, it is not always so easy to collect the repair amounts. Some clauses or technicalities may reduce the scope of coverage or the company may even try to avoid payment due to some specific cause. Therefore, having a fire damage attorney can be more than recommended to carry out the claim.

Even when your insurance protection is strong and you’re sure you’re covered, the insurance company can throw up some hurdles. In some cases, they will try to delay payments to try to get you to give in on some claims. In others, the quantification of the damages will be lower to try to minimize the payment. They may even argue that the loss is not total, when it is clear that the cost of repairing the property exceeds the value of the structure.

In the worst case, the insurer will completely deny the payment of any sum, adhering to special clauses that redeem it from any liability. Whether this is the case, or whether it is just a decrease in amounts, a fire damage attorney like Mario Serralta will will ensure that you receive the necessary advice so thatyour compensation is as fair as possible.

Get advice from a fire damage lawyer in Miami

These types of strategies by insurance companies are commonplace. The insurer’s interest conflicts with your interest in your claim. To avoid this inequality, a fire damage attorney can defend your interests with all the knowledge of the law and what your policy covers.

In addition, he will not only be your representative against the insurer, but will also be an essential part of the fire investigation. An essential part of filing a claim is knowing exactly what happened. How the fire started, where and why are questions that need to be answered. The insurance company does not always have the incentives to find out the truth, but only those aspects that serve as an argument for its position. Having a fire damage lawyer with the experience and professionalism of Mario Serralta will ensure that the investigation is carried out with the rigor which corresponds.

Finally, the lawyer does not collect his fees until you receive the award. This guarantees that you will do the best job possible, putting all your knowledge and effort at the disposal of the case. Regardless of whether a lawsuit is filed or a settlement is reached with the insurance company, the compensation obtained will be the fairest and most beneficial for your client, that is, you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Mario Serralta, fire damage attorney in Miami.


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