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How water damage can affect your home

We know that in many cases, water can be a significant problem for your property. There are a series of inconveniences that can arise from different sources, and it is necessary to know the risks that this can cause. We all wish we didn’t get to the point of needing it, but in case your home is affected, it is best to contact a Miami water damage lawyer to deal with this difficulty.

The damage to the property can arise from a broken pipe, a flood or a storm or hurricane. It could also happen that the sewers are overflowing or that there is a sudden discharge that does not give warning to prevent damage. In any of these circumstances, having a water damage attorney can save you more than a headache.

Property damage can be minor or major depending on the case. In broken pipes or structural moisture, the damage increases over time. You may not notice it at first, but the problem is already emerging. A damp spot or a simple drop can be signs of a bigger problem that lies ahead. In the case of floods or storms, the damage is usually more sudden and unpredictable, with consequences that can be serious. In either case, a water damage attorney can identify the best strategy for insurance to cover repair costs

Miami Water Damage Lawyer: Does your insurance cover water damage?

Due to the climate in Florida, where severe storms and hurricanes are common, insurance claims for water damage are common. For this reason, many people make sure they have this type of coverage when hiring insurance. However, we know that many times the insurance letter can be misleading. That’s why an experienced water damage attorney like Mario Serralta can be of great help.

The first thing to check in these cases is that the insurance actually has water damage coverage. Regardless, even if this is the case, it is always a good idea to contact a water damage attorney even before contacting the insurance company. Why? There are several reasons. In the first place, the lawyer will always be on your side, trying to make the case favorable to you. Additionally, expert attorneys can accurately interpret contracts and find the plus points for your case. In the event of having to deal with the company, a lawyer will know how to impose conditions and file a lawsuit, if necessary. This can be useful when the company refuses to cover the costs caused by the water.

Reasons why your insurance could be denied

There are many reasons why an insurance company may refuse to cover damage. In some cases, the company may have valid reasons for refusing. But in many other cases, the denial may be ill-founded, or simply a strategy to reduce the cost of the insurer. Therefore, the water damage lawyer must be intelligent to carry out the claim and that the negotiation reaches a successful conclusion.

Generally, the company will refuse to cover for one of the following reasons:

  • Avoidable maintenance problems or failure to repair: if it is shown that the property has not been properly repaired or maintained, the insurer may refuse to cover the cost.
  • Long-standing leak or construction failure: if any of these reasons are found, the insurance can claim initial ignorance at the time of signing the policy and ignore the expense. A water damage attorney is essential to negotiating these cases.
  • Lack of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) coverage at time of claim.

The company’s refusal may be well-founded but, in any case, an expert lawyer like Mario Serralta may help to reach agreement. In addition, in many cases the company is refusingSimply as a precaution. In these cases, having a water damage attorney is essential for the claim to come to fruition. The insurer may be misinterpreting the terms of the contract or making a maneuver to avoid payment of the damage.

Trust a Miami water damage lawyer

Whatever case you find yourself in, don’t hesitate to contact a water damage attorney. Even when the insurance company is willing to take over, the actual damage the water has caused is often overlooked. The insurer will try the easiest way to quantify the damage, leaving out many details. Instead, the lawyer will defend her interests and make sure that all the expenses caused by the water are covered.

Once all the pertinent information is gathered, the water damage attorney will have a stronger argument to fight the claim. This will ensure that all damages, from the smallest to the largest, will be included in the compensation. Also, this way you will know exactly how much the repair will cost. It is very common for the company to underestimate the repair cost in order to pay less and save some money. This not only hurts you at the time of collection, but also makes you overlook a good part of the real cost of the fix.

Instead, an experienced Miami water damage lawyer like Mario Serralta will be entirely on his side. He will not be interested in saving the company money, but in making you receive the compensation you deserve for the perceived damage.


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