How long can a slip and fall case last?

How long can a slip and fall case last? Is it up to your attorney or does it depend on the type of fall? Is there anything you can do to speed up the process? Slip and fall cases are more complex than it may seem, so it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

As specialized attorney, I want these procedures and times to be as short as possible so that the weeks after your fall you do not have to suffer with appointments, meetings, protocols and procedures.

In addition, I will take care of everything so that you only have to take care of your recovery and rest as you deserve after a serious accident.

Find out how long a slip and fall case can last for you

First of all you have to know that there is no exact answer. That is to say, like any litigation or any lawsuit, it will last for the shortest time possible but as long as necessary to reach an agreement that is as favorable as possible for both parties.

Therefore, there is no concrete answer to the question how long a slip and fall case can last. The truth is that sometimes it is reduced to two weeks and other times it can last a year or more.

Although not everything is in your hands, there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.

Next, we are going to know all the factors that may be involved in the time that your slip and fall case will last, that way, you will be able to get a better idea. 

The place

Where did the accident occur? It is not the same to calculate how long a case of falls and slips can last if it was on the street, than if it was in a local, in your own work or at a friend’s house.

There are many aspects to take into account in these cases, however, remember that you should always take it into account in order to properly receive compensation. 

Therefore, if you contact us, be clear that you will have to tell us where and how the slip or fall occurred, as this can significantly change the agility of the process. Also how it happened, what you were doing, etc.

Cause of the accident

The cause of the accident is probably the first thing to consider when figuring out how long a slip and fall case can last. And it is that this will point directly to the cause and the seriousness of the mistakes made. For example, it is not the same to have a slip because of a pavement that has a small unevenness than because of a street under construction that has not been marked. Although sometimes the injury may be similar, it is understood that this could have been more serious in one case or another and therefore, the responsibility may be greater. 

That is why it is important to find the liquid, the lifting, the fixture, the hole, the cable… whatever caused the fall and above all, find the person responsible for it being in that way that could cause a fall or slip.


What injuries have you suffered? There is no doubt that this section is crucial. In the event of suffering very serious injuries, the damage to be repaired will be greater and the opposing party will probably try to prevent you from receiving some kind of compensation.

So if the fall was serious and had great repercussions on your health, unfortunately it is likely that the process will take longer.

Likewise, you must remember that after a fall it is essential that you go to the nearest health center, because sometimes the pain, fractures and discomfort do not appear until a few hours or days later. And if you don’t report it immediately it could be difficult to prove that the injuries are a result of the accident.

Therefore, you always have to look for witnesses, find someone responsible and go to a hospital or doctor as soon as possible.

How will it affect you

And how will the injury you suffered affect you? This is another factor that influences how long a slip and fall case can last. For example, compensation will not be the same for someone who works in a freight transport service than for a freelancer who works from home, or for someone who offers telemarketing services and can work without leaving home in most of the occasions.

It will not affect your life in the same way if you have dependents such as children or elderly people, than if you live alone. All this you have to take into account.

The more it affects your routine and your life, the greater the compensation, the more you will want to speed up the process and the more complications you will probably receive.


Who is responsible? All legal persons and companies have a defense. But… a small business will not have the same defense as the City Council of the area in which you had the injury as a large company. Also, the way you function and respond to a fall or slip that is your responsibility is different.

A large company is likely to offer a faster process, while a small one may encounter complications and will want to be more cautious before taking it all for granted. In turn, the opposite can happen, and it is that a large company with more resources is likely to have more capacity to evade responsibility, misrepresent the facts…

In any case, it is best to look for someone in charge as soon as possible, even if it was your own boss or the company you work for. For this, the ideal is that you find witnesses who can testify later and explain how the fall was, where it happened and above all, why it happened, that is, what was the cause beyond your control and who is responsible.

Legal advice

On the other hand, good legal advice is crucial and also, go as soon as possible. If you delay it too long, be clear, you will not get any compensatory repair. You must be agile and fast to find good legal and legal advice. You must find the right professionals in the shortest possible time and tell them about your case in the most detailed way possible and with all the documents at hand, including the statements of the witnesses. 

It is very likely that lawyers or advisors will ask you questions, ask you for more documentation or give you some advice to follow before carrying out legal procedures.

The reason is that in this way they can make sure they are covered in every way and have everything they need to make the operation as quick as possible.

On the other hand, if they ask you for papers, documents, data, details and you are not able to provide them, it will be very difficult for the procedure for falls and slips not to take longer.

I want to convey my interest in learning about your case and help you find out how long a slip and fall case can last in your case and thanks to the information you provide me.

In this way, you will be able to make the best decisions as soon as possible and thus receive financial compensation and others now, which is when you really need it.

Therefore, if you need a Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami, please contact me.