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Auto Accidents in Miami

Auto accidents are very common in any city in Florida, especially Miami. The severity of injuries can range from minor to even fatal accidents. As a result of each accident, doubts arise about who is responsible, the relevance or not of compensation and the amount thereof, among other issues. To answer these questions, a Miami auto accident lawyer can be very useful.

In order to ascertain whether compensation is due for this type of incident, a detailed study of the case is required. This is only possible if you have the necessary experience in similar cases. As in many other situations, there are conflicting interests between the affected parties. The injured party will want to be compensated in the highest amount possible, while the responsible driver will try to get rid of the fault and the expenses in question.

The growth of the population in the state of Florida, added to the great tourist concurrence, causes the traffic in the city to increase enormously. This causes accidents to happen anywhere, from parking lots to major highways. A Miami auto accident attorney can handle any of these incidents to achieve the best result in your claim for a fee.

Crashes on public roads are often caused by human error. The distraction of a driver can cause serious accidents, with harmful consequences for himself or others. The use of mobile phones while driving is one of the most frequent causes of this type of incident. In other cases, it is a lack of skill behind the wheel that causes the crash. Ignorance of traffic rules can also be a determining cause of an accident, by breaking a regulation.

Finally, this type of tragedies also happen due to the use of alcohol or other substances while driving. This highly irresponsible attitude on the part of the driver can lead to serious injury or death. Given these circumstances, a auto accident lawyer in Miami will be in charge of managing the claim so that the victim receives fair compensation for the damages caused.

Should I hire a Miami auto accident attorney?

Without a doubt, the idea of ​​hiring a auto accident lawyer in Miami in the event of an accident is highly recommended. When seeking representation in a auto accident claim, turn to an experienced and experienced attorney like Mario Serralta. Professional advice in these cases is of the utmost importance, since it guarantees the best possible representation of your interests in the event of a conflict.

By regulation, all drivers must have insurance to drive in Miami or anywhere else in Florida. This should be a cause for peace of mind, since the company is in charge of covering the expenses in the event of an accident of its client. However, in some cases this can be more complex than it seems. Like any company, insurers seek to be as profitable as possible, and that means increasing revenue and minimizing costs as much as possible. Paying claims is one of the biggest costs they have, so they’ll try to do it as little as possible.

Insurance companies have a large number of experienced employees who spend their time looking for ways to lower costs. This may be by reducing award amounts or finding ways to deny the claim. Therefore, it is important that a Miami auto accident lawyer be able to carry out the representation of the case. This person has enough knowledge and experience to deal with the insurance company and seek the most appropriate and fair compensation.

In many cases, the amounts offered by the companies are not enough to cover medical expenses. In addition, the possible future loss of income resulting from the injury, as well as the emotional and mental costs of the accident, are often not taken into account. Each of these points should be compensated correctly and fairly. If this does not happen, the Miami auto accident lawyer can make a more robust claim against the company.

Common auto accident injuries

Auto accident insurance claims arise from medical expenses resulting from injuries. The victim can suffer from slight or superficial damage, to a considerable risk of life. Some consequences may be short-lived, such as bruises or scrapes, while others will take several years or even leave lifelong consequences.

The auto accident lawyer in Miami will help you determine the fair cost of compensation for each type of injury, in order to claim from the insurance company. For drivers, a common injury is the whiplash that occurs in the collision, which can have consequences in the cervical. Other common injuries are broken bones or chest trauma, both for pedestrians and passengers in colliding vehicles. Hits to the head can cause concussions or more serious brain injuries.

Also serious injuries include those that affect the spinal cord. This region of the body is extremely influential in mobility, so a strong blow can cause partial or even total paralysis of a limb. Likewise, the most serious accidents can lead to limb amputations or even the death of a pedestrian or passenger in the damaged vehicle. When the Miami auto accident lawyer takes over the representation, he will proceed to collect the information and present the claim according to the seriousness of the case.

Then there are all the other less visible damage that can be done to the victim. For example, if the person is unable to work for a certain amount of time, his or her income will be greatly reduced. This can even become permanent and definitely affect the family’s income. Mental and emotional damage must also be taken into consideration. Many victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident. Anxiety and panic attacks are other symptoms that appear in these circumstances, and can affect people’s ability to interact.

What to do after a auto accident in Miami

Obviously, an accident is not something that can be foreseen. It happens in a surprising way, at any moment, without us expecting it. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and know what to do in the event of an accident on public roads involving a auto. Of course, contacting a Miami auto accident attorney is among the most important things to consider. But that is not all, since our actions in the moments after the accident can be decisive for the course of the claim. All this, considering that the injuries suffered are not so serious as to prevent us from acting.

One ​​of the most important recommendations is to obtain as much information as possible from the drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. License plate numbers, full names, addresses, and phone numbers will come in handy later on. Also obtain the data (name, address and telephone) of any possible witness to the accident, who may collaborate in the claim. In case there has been a traffic violation, make sure that the police are aware of it so that it is recorded.

If your own vehicle was damaged during the accident, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Photographs of the damage caused can be useful in the course of the case, so it does not hurt to take some. In case of injuries, get medical attention to account for them and you can also take pictures. In general, any information you can provide your Miami auto accident attorney will be helpful later on. An experienced and professional representative like Mario Serralta will take all the information available to present the strongest possible case.

Miami Auto Accident Statistics

Sadly, auto accidents are becoming more common in Florida and especially in Miami. The proportion of accidents in the county exceeds the percentage of the total population that lives there, which means that it is a particularly accident-prone area. In 2019, there were approximately 63,000 traffic accidents in the county, a fairly high number.

In terms of victims and affected people, Florida has also undergone a process of growth in recent years. In 2019, there were 3,183 fatalities in the state, which represents a growth of 15% compared to the average of the previous decade. If you look only at the county data, in Miami-Dade there have been 299 deaths and approximately 63,000 injuries due to auto accidents in the same year. The figures never cease to impress and are, as we mentioned before, getting bigger every year.

How a Miami Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Given this scenario, knowing a auto accident lawyer in Miami is extremely important to be prepared for any misfortune. In the event of an accident, the economic expenses that must be faced are very considerable. In addition to the material damage caused to the vehicle, in case you are driving, there are also medical bills. To this is added the time that can be lost between the recovery, the procedures to collect the insurance and any other inconvenience. And the pain and physical and mental suffering to which he is exposed in such an event is also remarkable.

Quantifying these damages, costs and losses can be an impossible task for the average person. But for a Miami auto accident attorney with the background and experience of Mario Serralta, it is an everyday task. With the necessary knowledge, it is possible to estimate all the costs that result from a auto accident. You can even get to report costs that you don’t even know about, but that you will have to face in the course of days, months or years. The experience in the sector allows the lawyer to know in depth, even more than the victim, what the consequences of the accident will be. In addition, the lawyers work with a group of experts who can identify the scope and costs of each of these damages.

The insurance company works to reduce the amounts and set aside some expenses, in order to minimize your costs, instead your Miami auto accident lawyer will seek compensation more fair to the victim. This includes not only immediate financial and medical expenses, but also an estimate of the long-term damage the accident will have on your future income and ability to work. Added to the mental and emotional wear and tear, these costs can be significantly higher than what the insurer decides to cover of their own free will.

Then, it is not only a question of making an accurate calculation of the costs, but also it is necessary to demonstrate it against the position of the company. To do this, the auto accident lawyer in Miami will have all the resources provided by the experience and knowledge acquired. With the information you can gather at the scene, plus all of the professionals’ own sources, your attorney will be able to make a strong case for the compensation you deserve. This will save him an enormous amount of time, more than one headache, and will allow him to obtain the economic resources that he needs in such a difficult moment.

Truck Accidents in Miami

As Miami Truck Accident Lawyer, one of the most common questions is about the causes. Contrary to popular belief, most fatal truck accidents are caused by drivers who are intoxicated by substances or drugs. It has been discovered that mechanical defects in vehicles, threading new routes, and driver fatigue rank first in the long list of common causes of truck crashes. Mechanical defects account for the biggest reason for truck accidents, commonly found in brakes, steering wheels, and tires. For these reasons, trucking companies are strongly advised to follow federal regulations to make sure their trucks are really good to go. Though there are a handful of accidents accounted for that are caused by trucks threading new routes, this is still something every commercial truck driver should look for. As they are the ones most vulnerable to these kinds of accidents, federal safety regulations set the boundaries for truck drivers’ being allowed to drive for only 11 hours, but this is only the threshold. They are strongly advised to stop for at least 10 hours. Let’s face it, unlike small motors or even semi – truck drivers, drivers of large trucks are really susceptible to fatigue as they are driving large vehicles and this requires more physical and mental focus on their part. This is why the trucking industry has set regulations so that truck drivers actually observe appropriate hours of service to ensure the health of the driver and avoid, if not limit, truck crashes or any casualties related to them.

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer: Difference Between Truck and Car Accidents

The first observable difference between passenger vehicle-related accidents and truck-related accidents is strongly associated with their weight difference. a truck usually weighs around 80–90 pounds heavier than its passenger vehicle counterparts. Due to their weight, most truck accidents tend to impose more damage on their victims, making a truck accident injury case more stressful than its counterparts. Another vital difference is that a truck crash that leads to an accident insurance policy tends to be 40–50 times bigger than its car accident insurance policy counterpart. This tends to place the value of the compensation somewhere in the millions. To some, this may sound like a piece of good news as it may help you cover the medical expenses of the victims of a particular truck crash. This is a very different story for the insurance company because, as the policy owner claims their insurance coverage, this means a great loss on the part of the insurance company. Insurance adjusters tend to secure large amounts of supposedly fair compensation by employing, most experienced truck accident attorney call, tricks like offering an appealing amount of compensation that will tend to make the policyholder forget to consider, “Is this the maximum compensation I can claim for this particular policy?” and other elaborate tricks to at least mitigate or point the finger at the other liable parties involved to limit insurance companies’ liability. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer in Miami could prove useful in this matter. An experienced team of lawyers can assist you in maximizing your need for financial compensation for the damages brought to you by this particular truck accident.

Steps in Determining Compensation After a Truck Accident in Miami Florida

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the appropriate compensation for the particular truck accident a person and their vehicle might be in. But something to consider is that the types of personal injury lawsuits related to truck accidents and other motor vehicle accidents are almost identical. Like the other types of personal injury lawsuits, the main categories of these lawsuits and the personal injury claims they may be subject to can be characterized into two important classifications. These two classifications are economic damage and non-economic damage, as well as punitive damages. Identification of such will assist you in filing the appropriate truck accident claims as well as the necessary documents to support the claim. Having a person to assist and guide you in this area is truly a great help. Experienced attorneys, particularly truck accident attorneys, are greatly needed here as their legal services can greatly aid you in strengthening your case. You might be asking how important the legal services a legal team can provide at this point in my claim process are. Well, something one can consider and look for is their extensive experience in handling truck crash cases. Keep in mind that an experienced lawyer can help you with the strenuous gathering of data related to the case and other actions needed to strengthen your claim.

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer: What to Do After?

Saying that a trucking accident scenario is total chaos might be an understatement. During this event of chaos and confusion brought on by the accident and the panic of the people around us, Truck drivers must be fully aware and focus on the things they must do. Remember that during these crucial moments, the steps we choose to take are very important and, to some, will define whether some of the accident victims will live or die if not given the medical care they need immediately. Calling the police as soon as possible as well as calling the other emergency workers needed at the scene is important to mitigate any additional damage caused by the accident. During this period, the police will record every detail important in the investigation, such as the severity of the property damage in the area, the number of accident victims involved, interviews to identify at-fault parties, and other things to paint a picture of what actually happened in the particular accident, leaving no stone unturned. If your phone has a substantial amount of battery life and it is still working, taking videos of the aftermath will be very useful in insurance claims, police reports, and other areas that may require them.

Establishing Negligence After a Truck Accident in Miami Florida

Now the police are there and the responsible parties have already been identified and documented and are already receiving information. Now what? Well, just because you have proven that you are not at fault in the situation doesn’t automatically mean you are entitled to some kind of fair compensation. Please do notice the term I used, “fair.” I used the word fair because you might be lured by the people that will present to you a substantial amount of money, but remember that your goal is to achieve a fair settlement. If you or a member of your family was involved in a commercial truck accident, one way to accomplish this is through legal means. Your goal is to establish that the other party is a negligent party that has caused the injury crash. To achieve this, one must seek the legal services of an experienced truck accident lawyer in Miami. If you are a commercial vehicle that has suffered rollover accidents, your layer can document and present the data legally. If we had to find out if the driver during the event was drunk driving or if he at that moment exercised reckless driving that may have caused fatal crashes, or whether he was too tired or busy that he became distracted driving, not considering the blind spots, resulting in wrongful deaths.

Benefits of Seeking the Help of a Miami Truck Accident Lawyer in Florida

Now the question stands, “Is it worth it to involve a law firm in this kind of situation?” or “Is there any benefit in seeking the legal services of personal injury lawyers during this matter?” Well, something to keep in mind is if you are part of the accident there are various things one can consider a very noticeable one is that you might be suffering from a severe injury from the recent motor vehicle accident and is in the hospital receiving appropriate and much needed medical attention. During this gruesome period of recovery, something you won’t look forward to having is handling the lawsuit in this particular accident. Besides the fact that someone else will represent and pursue the lawsuit, some of the other benefits of seeking the legal services of a Miami Truck Accident Lawyer is that they will investigate your case ensuring to identify two key details that are vital for the legal proceedings. they will determine the cause and the liability. A truck accident lawyer in Miami will also, if you are found at fault, mitigate, reduce or limit your liabilities in the crash. Protecting and pursuing insurance companies to ensure you get the financial compensation you need to cover your recovery and other expenses is something your truck accident lawyer in Miami will also secure and many more. There are really a lot of benefits in hiring a truck accident lawyer as their legal services can assist you in the legal side of things while you recover and return to the life you had before.


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