What damage can a hurricane cause?

In Florida, hurricanes are a very common phenomenon that occur every year. Not only does it represent a risk for many people, leaving victims in its wake, but it also involves a significant amount of damage. These damages usually cost a lot of money for the owners of the homes that are affected by the arrival of the hurricane. For this reason, there are many insurance policies that can be contracted to protect yourself in these cases. However, something that is not always clear is what damage a hurricane can cause. Therefore, in this post we will see the most common effects of this natural disaster.

Learn what damage a hurricane can cause

A hurricane brings strong winds and rain, and these are the main causes of damage to homes in the United States. According to the category of the hurricane, the damage it can cause will increase. Possibly, the main factor that affects the damage is the speed of the wind, although it is also necessary to take into account the precipitation that occurs. In many cases, the damage affects not only homes, but also public roads, knocking down trees, traffic lights or traffic signs.

  • Category 1: Wind gusts exceed 74 mph. With this force it is enough to damage tiles and roofs, vinyl siding and gutters. It is common for tree limbs or even entire trees with shallow roots to break off. Power lines can also be affected, causing power outages.
  • Category 2: In this case, the winds can reach over 96 mph. The damage that can be caused in homes is similar, but the severity is increased. For example, roofs will suffer more when the winds are stronger.
  • Category 3: Gusts will be above 111 mph. Establishing what damage a hurricane of this category can cause, we must note that trees with deeper roots will also be affected and it is almost certain that the electricity and water supply will be affected.
  • Category 4: Winds can exceed 131 mph. Damage to roofs in these cases will be more structural, and even the exterior walls of the house may be damaged. Most of the trees and power poles will be knocked down, making the rescuers’ job extremely difficult.
  • Category 5: It is considered the highest category, with winds that exceed 155 mph. These storms can wreak havoc on even well-built structures. In addition, it is very common for them to be accompanied by large amounts of rain, so they can cause significant flooding that damages cars and homes alike.

What damage can a hurricane cause and is covered by insurance

In addition to considering what damage a hurricane can cause, it’s also important to know what damage is covered by your insurance policy. In general, the policies usually cover wind damage, while the risk of flooding must be contracted separately. This is important, as it will depend on the coverage you have whether the hurricane damage is covered by the insurance company or not. If you have doubts about your coverage, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional such as Mario Serralta, to find out what your right to claim is in the event of a problem of this type.

In addition, it is important to consider that in Florida there is a deductible for hurricane damage. This means that until the fixed percentage established by this clause is met, the insurance will not begin to cover. Many companies take advantage of this issue to try to reduce the amount of money they have to spend. In the face of a hurricane, the number of insurance claims increases enormously, and companies use all possible strategies to reduce their payments.

For this reason, it is important that you have the professional advice indicated at the time of making the claim. Not only will it allow you to know what damage a hurricane can cause, but an hurricane damage attorney in Miami with the experience of Mario Serralta will be your representative before the insurance company. He will defend his interests so that he can collect the claim he deserves, with the best possible treatment and in the shortest time.