Hurricane Damage Lawyer in Miami

The climatic characteristics of Florida make this area something special. On the one hand, a more than pleasant climate to live or vacation. On the other hand, the regular arrival of hurricanes that usually cause damage with great economic cost. This makes hurricane insurance claims commonplace in the region. Unfortunately, companies do not always respond as they should to complaints. Therefore, having a hurricane damage lawyer in Miami can be extremely useful in this type of eventuality.

Miami Hurricane Damage Lawyer: What damage does your insurance cover?

An important point when making a claim is to be clear about what the insurance covers. Insurance against strong storms usually includes several points, although it is necessary to study each particular case. Generally, damage to the roof from high winds or damage to floors and walls from water is covered. Door and window damage is also often included, although a hurricane damage attorney will be able to verify this by reading the policy.

You must also consider the possible damage caused to the elements inside the house, such as furniture and appliances. And, not least, the damage caused by branches or trees that fall as a result of strong winds. Fires and explosions caused by the hurricane should be covered, although to be sure you should check with your hurricane damage attorney. Finally, the removal of the debris that results from the damage also has a cost, which can be covered by the insurer.

Unfortunately, it is often not easy for companies to cover all the costs that they should. In general, they look for excuses or technicalities not to cover all the expenses, or directly deny them completely. This can be a very costly problem for you if you are unable to file a successful claim.

How to create an effective claim

According to statistics, hurricanes cause the most costly property damage in the entire United States. This is particularly common in the Florida area, due to its location and climatic conditions. So much so that most of the inhabitants are prepared to face these difficulties. And an important part of this preparation is having a hurricane damage attorney and insurance.

Insurance gives the property owner relative peace of mind by being covered in the event of an eventuality. However, it is not good to trust too much in the face of these unforeseen events. It often happens that the insurance claim process is much more complex than is supposed. This takes a time delay that can be very inconvenient, or even reduce or deny the payment altogether.

Therefore, in order to carry out a process that can be cumbersome, a hurricane damage attorney is a tremendous help. In every eventuality, insurance companies will do their best to minimize payments to maintain their profit margins. To be on equal terms with these companies, you need to have some technical knowledge and experience. Also, it is very difficult for you to take care of the time that the lawsuit takes when you are dealing with the damage of the hurricane. Specialists have tools to streamline the process and bring it to fruition.

Learn about hurricane damage

The main problem when making an insurance claim is the evaluation of the damages. Having damage caused by different sources (wind, water, branches and trees, etc.) it is difficult to make estimates. In addition, to this is added the difficulty of leading a normal life during this time. Therefore, delegating the tasks to a hurricane damage attorney who specializes in these matters is very favorable.

In order for the process to be as fast as possible, it is necessary to take certain measures. In particular, it is important to minimize the damage that can be caused over time. This is essential, since in many cases it is included in the policy that you must do everything possible to reduce the damage. For this, you will need to use tarps that prevent water ingress and cover broken windows. All of these requirements must be included in the policy, so an experienced hurricane damage attorney like Mario Serralta can advise you in more detail.

Have a hurricane damage lawyer in Miami

It is recommended that, even before contacting the insurer, you contact your hurricane damage attorney. This will allow you to be more prepared for the possible impediments and obstacles that the company will surely put up. Relying on insurance companies can be extremely dangerous. Although some may act correctly, others will not be so fair when it comes to compensating their damaged clients.

If the company does not act correctly in these cases, you can claim financial compensation beyond the corresponding damages. Among the main incorrect actions of the company are a deficient or false investigation regarding the conditions of the property and the damages caused. They may also refuse to explain or negotiate a legitimate claim. In any of these cases, a hurricane damage attorney can file an insurance breach lawsuit.

Generally, policies are difficult to interpret for people who are not used to doing so. They have a large amount of technical language, clauses and technicalities, which make them incomprehensible. Therefore, having a hurricane damage attorney can be essential to be well prepared when facing the company. Insurance employees have experience and knowledge that the client does not have, so they are not on an equal footing. In addition, having a hurricane damage lawyer in Miami will guarantee you the representation you deserve, defending your interests. The lawyer will not collect until you receive compensation, so you can be sure that he will do his best to obtain a fair payment.


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